How it Works?

How it Works?

Rukutai’s exclusive China product sourcing partner ships more than 10,000 containers of products every year from China for its international clients.

They have shipped products to clients in over 200 countries and negotiated client product pricing  with more than 50,000 China wholesalers or factories directly. Rukutai and our China sourcing partner handle client product orders as low as USD$5,000.

Simply, we offer all our clients a one-stop import solution to source and buy high quality, low-priced China products. Our services include:

Rukutai & China Sourcing Partner Process


  • 1) Interest generated by RUKUTAI web site, word-of-mouth & sales and marketing initiatives
  • 2) Submit RUKUTAI PRODUCT SOURCING REQUEST form with your product specifications or requirements
  • 3) China Product Sourcing search initiated by RUKUTAI and its China Sourcing Partner. All communications and approvals via email or telephone.
  • 4) Once product(s) sourced, priced and approved, Client makes payment to RUKUTAI’s China sourcing partner by TT, Western Union, L/C or OA.
  • 5) Production and Quality Inspection process begins
  • 6) Purchased goods delivered to RUKUTAI’s China Sourcing Partner warehouse
  • 7) Final inspection, consolidation & packing by China Sourcing Partner
  • 8) Full or Mixed Containers loaded by China Sourcing Partner
  • 9) Customs Declarations prepared by China Sourcing Partner
  • 10) Shipping Logistics at Departure & Destination Ports finalised
  • 11) Client Documents: B/L., C/O, Invoice & Packing List sent
  • 12) Final shipment delivered to Client’s warehouse/office location
  • 13) RUKUTAI copied on all communications to ensure expedited efficiency


  • 1) Complete RUKUTAI ONLINE REGISTRATION form to confirm interest
  • 2) Make Full Payment to confirm China business tour placement
  • 3) Payment activates mandatory China Business Visa Invitation Letter from China
  • 4) Client applies for China Business Visa
  • 5) Client buys airline ticket to arrive/depart Guangzhou, China, at start/end of RUKUTAI tour dates
  • 6) RUKUTAI distributes final China tour itinerary to clients
  • 7) 4-STAR Guangzhou Hotel check-in on tour start dates
  • 8) 5-full days of Product Sourcing with private Car/Driver & Business translator/Negotiator in Guangzhou and/or Yiwu
  • 9) Translator/Guide prepares product photos, descriptions and pricing based on Client bulk purchases
  • 10) Each Translator/Guide prepares Price Quotation Sheet for client approval
  • 11) Refer to PRODUCT SOURCING PROCESS in section above

In Greater Detail:

1) Advance Wholesale Supplier & Product Sourcing:

RUKUTAI’s exclusive China sourcing partner will source suppliers and products for our Clients based on their specific written request whether or not they choose to participate in our exclusive China business sourcing tours.

2) Business Interpreter and Price Negotiations:

We guide you to relevant wholesale markets or selected factories to inspect/purchase products of your choice. Our professionally trained business interpreter/negotiators will write down all the details of products you purchase (price, colour, size, package, delivery time, etc.); take photos of products you are interested in; and negotiate the best possible price in Chinese. After the wholesale market and factory visits, our business interpreter/negotiators will prepare written quotations, photos, negotiated prices and email to you for final product order purchase decision.

3) Product Purchasing:

Once you confirm your order in writing with 30% deposit to RUKUTAI’s China sourcing partner, they will coordinate production or purchase from your selected suppliers and sign purchasing contracts with suppliers.

4) Payment:

All product payments will be sent ONLY to RUKUTAI’s exclusive China sourcing partner. They will disburse payments to all suppliers. Payment terms is 30% deposit T/T/Western Union, L/C or OA when you confirm final product order; and 70% payment balance BEFORE goods are released by wholesaler/factory for shipping.

5) Consolidation, Quality Control & Warehousing:

RUKUTAI’s China sourcing partner will receive and consolidate all your purchased goods at its warehouse, inspect them to ensure they meet your specifications and provide an inspection report to you.

6) Shipping:

Per your request, your products will be shipped FCL (Full Container Load), LCL (Less Container Load), Air Cargo or Express – or via Drop Shipping.

7) Documentation:

RUKUTAI’s China sourcing partner will provide all related documents (Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading, CO, Fumigation Certificate, etc.)

In short, RUKUTAI’S China-based product sourcing team will help you negotiate the lowest possible prices; verify shipments match your specific product orders; oversee independent inspection of private-label (OEM) products upon request; handle all shipping, insurance, Customs clearances and delivery right to your office/warehouse.

Rukutai Product Sourcing Request

RUKUTAI’S exclusive China sourcing partner has negotiated client contracts with over 50,000 China wholesalers and factories – and ships more than 10,000 containers of products every year to international clients. With more than 500 English-speaking staff, its biggest clients include Amazon, Coca-Cola, Mercedes Benz, Costco, Target, Budweiser, Heineken, Bank of America, and Carrefour.

In an EXCLUSIVE new service offering, RUKUTAI’s China sourcing partner now DROP SHIPS – Source, Purchase, Warehouse, Pick, Pack & Send – your China-made products to all your customers worldwide from their warehouse in China. This could SAVE YOU TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in import shipping costs, monthly warehouse rent and employee expenses. We do it all for you. ONE STOP. FULL STOP.

LET’S GET STARTED. Fill out this RUKUTAI Product Request Form, confirm your service fee payment and we’ll do the rest. The more specific information you provide, the better. We will respond to your request within 1-2 days.

*SERIOUS ENQUIRIES ONLY: Because of the time, manpower, research and China resources involved in sourcing, researching and pricing your product(s) from dozens of reputable potential suppliers, RUKUTAI charges a one-time, USD$500 service fee that is 100% credited in full to your first paid order of USD$10,000 or more for product(s) only – excluding related logistics expenses. RUKUTAI’s China business group tour participants do NOT have to pay the product sourcing service fee.

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