Individual China Product Sourcing Services

Individual China Product Sourcing Services

RUKUTAI and our exclusive China Sourcing Partner – WITH OVER 300 PRODUCT SOURCING EMPLOYEES – can manage an UNLIMITED NUMBER OF PRODUCT SOURCING CLIENTS at any time and deliver the lowest-available prices and highest quality services. No other sourcing company can compare. Contact us today

We will organise private or solo China product sourcing trips anytime throughout the year. If you prefer not to travel to China, we will also coordinate all your sourcing, production and importing of products via email and other communications.

Most importantly, you STILL RECEIVE RUKUTAI’S GROUP PURCHASING SAVINGS AND BENEFITS working with our exclusive China Sourcing Partner – one of the largest China product sourcing companies in the world.

For individual owners or buyers who prefer private or solo China product sourcing trips rather than our most popular China business group tours, RUKUTAI and our China Sourcing Partner will:

  • Arrange your airline and discounted China hotel arrangements through our exclusive travel supplier or China Sourcing Partner – whichever is less. While you will definitely visit GUANGZHOU, the product(s) you want to buy will determine if we add YIWUSHENZHENSHANGHAI or other cities to your private travel schedule.
  • Organise Airport transfers
  • Set up your private car & driver for all your visits to factories and wholesale markets
  • Arrange a business translator and price negotiator who will accompany and assist you throughout your China sourcing trip
  • Prepare a personalised itinerary to wholesale markets or factories based on the product(s) you want to source BEFORE you arrive in China
  • Most importantly, the focus and attention you receive from our China Sourcing Partner is because you are part of RUKUTAI’s referred group discounted buying network.

Typically, the amount you spend on buying your products in China determines the service and personal attention you receive from our major product sourcing partner in China.

However, the collective buying power of RUKUTAI clients as a collective group, representing separate businesses, ensures that ALL our sourcing clients benefit from tremendous product purchasing and logistics savings.

You also receive the same features and sourcing benefits outlined in RUKUTAI’s Exploratory Shopping Tours and Factory Sourcing Tours based on your specific purchasing requirements.

In the “Research” Stage, Rukutai and our China Sourcing Partner will:

  • Check the China market for ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 government import-certified manufacturers for client product needs.
  • Shortlist best factories or wholesale markets to visit.

Before your China trip, Rukutai's China Sourcing Partner will arrange:

  • Invitation letter from China (necessary for Chinese Business Visa)
  • Search, select and schedule separate factory or wholesale market visits

Post-Trip Factory Coordination. Rukutai’s China Sourcing Partner will:

  • Assist you in negotiating the lowest-possible manufacturing pricing with a wholesaler or factory to ensure you are getting the best prices and the highest quality goods based on your detailed specifications
  • Coordinate development and production of approved samples with the factory you select
  • Provide independent third-party factory quality control checks during the production stage as requested
  • Coordinate shipping, Customs clearance and delivery to your warehouse/office

Quality Control Inspection Services

RUKUTAI’s China Sourcing Partner will arrange professional quality control inspection of your products during production or before shipment upon request. Specifically, they will:

  • Check factory-produced samples for any defects or changes from your quality guidelines
  • Oversee product and component inspections before assembly
  • Verify the final production meets your specifications – while providing ongoing email updates to you of any problems or challenges during this process
  • Oversee final inspection of your products when the merchandise is completed, packed and ready for shipment. This pre-shipment inspection is performed to meet Quality Control standards established between you and the factory

Key Points to Consider:

  • RUKUTAI and our China Sourcing Partner will NOT promote any specific factory or wholesaler over another. We simply source the best manufacturer or wholesale supplier for your product(s).
  • There’s a lot more to importing from China than just the price. Finding a capable, honest supplier you can trust to produce and ship quality products is critical to your success – not to mention protecting your Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).
  • Our China Sourcing Partner will inspect all shipments in detail before they leave China and provide you with inspection results and pictures.
  • RUKUTAI and our China Sourcing Partner not only sources products for you, but also coordinate shipping to your nearest Customs port; negotiates best prices with shipping companies; and provide one-stop sourcing solutions for you. The fact they ship over 10,000 containers of goods EVERY YEAR for international clients guarantees they will get you the absolute lowest prices
  • It is important to meet the people you will be working with BEFORE you place an order. Good relationships (or Guanxi in Chinese) play a critical role in business in China
  • In your factory tours, you can inspect manufacturing areas to see the raw material quality; production capabilities and capacity, workers’ skills; and each factory’s quality control process
  • It is important to learn how much your factory manufacturer subcontracts their production to other factories or plants. The less the better
  • You know your own business better than anyone else. Visiting your selected factory or wholesaler will help you minimise problems and ensure top quality prior to production
  • The key to your business success is choosing the right supplier. if you do not feel the company is 100% trustworthy or credible, do NOT proceed
  • Make sure all product production details are clearly outlined in a contract – written in Chinese and English – and includes all illustrations/drawings and all specifications in detail
  • If production molds need to be created, specify in the contract who owns the molds and the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).
  • Remember to focus on quality, not just price.

Rukutai Product Sourcing Request

RUKUTAI’S exclusive China sourcing partner has negotiated client contracts with over 50,000 China wholesalers and factories – and ships more than 10,000 containers of products every year to international clients. With more than 500 English-speaking staff, its biggest clients include Amazon, Coca-Cola, Mercedes Benz, Costco, Target, Budweiser, Heineken, Bank of America, and Carrefour.

In an EXCLUSIVE new service offering, RUKUTAI’s China sourcing partner now DROP SHIPS – Source, Purchase, Warehouse, Pick, Pack & Send – your China-made products to all your customers worldwide from their warehouse in China. This could SAVE YOU TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in import shipping costs, monthly warehouse rent and employee expenses. We do it all for you. ONE STOP. FULL STOP.

LET’S GET STARTED. Fill out this RUKUTAI Product Request Form, confirm your service fee payment and we’ll do the rest. The more specific information you provide, the better. We will respond to your request within 1-2 days.

*SERIOUS ENQUIRIES ONLY: Because of the time, manpower, research and China resources involved in sourcing, researching and pricing your product(s) from dozens of reputable potential suppliers, RUKUTAI charges a one-time, USD$500 service fee that is 100% credited in full to your first paid order of USD$10,000 or more for product(s) only – excluding related logistics expenses. RUKUTAI’s China business group tour participants do NOT have to pay the product sourcing service fee.

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