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RUKUTAI’s unique and unprecedented China business tours will set a new industry standard helping you to achieve your product sourcing business goals – and also see, feel, touch and taste the beauty, diversity and cultural richness of China.

The FIRST IMPORTANT STEP is to complete this Online Registration form. With ONLY 20 placements (unless otherwise stated) in each RUKUTAI China business group tour, you must ACT NOW to confirm with a full package payment or temporarily hold your place with a deposit.

Your full package RUKUTAI group tour payment is due 35 days before each tour date::

  • RUKUTAI will coordinate your mandatory INVITATION LETTER from China. You must submit this letter with your China Business Visa application.
  • Your advance product sourcing search by RUKUTAI’s China Sourcing Partner begins for the specific product(s) you list in the Rukutai Product Sourcing Request forms on our web site. Your personalised factory and wholesale market tours will be completely organised before you touch the ground in China.
  • The fact RUKUTAI’s China Sourcing Partner has negotiated contracts with over 50,000 factories and China wholesalers is a indicator they can find what you want. No one else can compare.

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